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Android 5+
January 20, 2023

Many people get more interested to play online games. They are moving here and there in search of famous games. They have played many games and now they are bored by playing the games on a daily routine. To come again on playing games, we will provide you with a new and famous game that you never have played before. Nimo TV is one of the best mobile games live streaming applications for lovers of games all around the globe. We are doing our best to provide the top most latest games for you on our site. You also have to come with us to enjoy your life with these types of games.

We provide the best games, many game events, and live programs to a broad range of users, faster and more desirable. This is governing global platform peculiarly for the gamers of mobile games. This is also an ideal place to share special moments. This tool allows millions of players to play and published the game to other players, we are preserving to build a gaming brotherhood of players and fans that commute the expression.

They also have the talent for singing, dancing, or doing other such activities. So welcome to share your special moments on this latest tool. This tool does not only inherit the world’s top and famous sports teams, and interesting and potential streamers, but we also offer a unique form of interaction through “bullet screen”. Real-time interaction makes the correspondence between the streamers and viewers more easily and more interesting.

What is Nimo TV?

This is the latest tool where you can join an effective community of many players where millions of the games gather on their games and devices, interact with each other on daily basis and try to catch the best in the improvised and professional gaming scene all around the world. as a gamer prepare their skills and crafts on famous games, regardless of platforms, audiences can join in on the fun. Also can join many experiences by viewing thousands of streams available.

You can also enjoy your day by sharing your great moment. You can also sing if your voice is beautiful. Players get more interested in these types of things. Here we will offer many players to interact with each other from all around the world. We try to build a great gaming community of players and fans that have a better understanding of the conversation.

What are the key features?

This tool has really amazing features that impress people toward it. There is a list of such latest features given below.

  • Watch game lives: This tool has a list of all the latest top ten games which are played by millions of people like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, and many more.
  • Earn money: Players can get rewards by sharing their gaming skills.
  • Real-time interaction: Interact with streamers and viewers by bullet screen.
  • Share your great moments: Players can share their happiest moments with the streamers and this is also big fun.


Nimo TV is one of the great mobile games and live-streaming apps. This is specially designed for the gamers of mobile games to share their daily moments. Anyone who can play a game can share their experience. if a player wants to make friends, then he/she can share their daily life moments. We make it easy for all gamers all across the world stage to show their talents and expertise and for players to grab the latest online contract. Players can play the game from any place from all around the world.