OB38 Injector

OB38 Injector

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Android 4+
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February 28, 2023

Hello everyone, if you are a gamer and in search of the best injector to unlock the premium features and improved your gameplay skills then you are in the right place. Today we introduced you to a fantastic application named OB38 Injector. This is the shortcut key to unlock the amazing feature in Garena Free Fire Game for totally free. So many players want to improve their gameplay and get the premium features but they are failing because without spending money you can’t be able to unlock these features and without unlocking these features you can’t play the game well.

So many tools are available like this but many tools are not working properly and some are paid for this issue many players are disturbed. But today we fix all the problems of gamers because this tool is totally a gift for every gamer and the main point of this tool is that you can get this application free of cost from our website. This tool is also similar to OB37 Injector. If you use this solid tool in your game then you will be a hero player and you can easily defeat your opponent within a very short time and your gaming skills will be improved within a few days.

What is OB38 Injector?

Simply this is a tool that is used in the Garena Free Fire to unlock the premium features and times and it will improve your gaming skills and you will be a pro player within a few days. If you use this tool you can easily rank up and earn many diamonds in your game. This application gives many amazing features to every gamer like Auto-aim, Auto headshot, No recoil, HD graphics, Easy to use, and many more. Many players want to unlock the premium features in their game and they want to play the game like a pro player play.

Without using this tool you can’t do this without spending money you can’t unlock the premium features and items in your game. The developer specially develops this tool for those players who want to unlock the features and items. You can use this application on your smart android devices and tablets. Because this is a third-party app so you can’t use this tool on IOS devices. So what are you waiting for go to the download link and download this fantastic tool on your devices and complete your gaming dreams?

What are the Key Features?

Here we describe the amazing features of this tool just read the features which are giving you this tool for totally free and use this tool on your device. Given below are the main features of the application.

Auto Headshot:

When you see your enemy just open the scope or aim at your enemy the aim will automatically connect with your enemy’s head then just click on the fire button your enemy will be finished.


Simply if you see your opponent your aim will automatically connect with your enemy’s body just click on the fire button.

No recoil:

Many players can’t control their scope or aim recoil but this tool will finish this problem your aim will stay in one place then you can easily able to kill your enemy.

Enemy location:

This tool will give you your enemy’s location so you can see your enemy and easily kill your enemy without any hard work.

Gun Location:

You can see every gun location on the map and pick up your favorite gun without wasting any time.

Esp Menu:

you can use your favorite features which you want to use in your gameplay and kill your opponents in a very short time.


You can use your main account in this tool without any worry because this is a 100% secure application.

Easy to use:

The interface of this application is so simple and easy that every gamer can understand this tool without facing any issues.

HD graphics:

This application gives you HD graphics and smoothness so you can easily play your gameplay without any lag.


If you use this fantastic OB38 Injector on your smart android device then you can do anything you want to do in your game and unlock the premium features and items once you use this tool. we are describing all the features and items of this tool with you guys we think you understand all the features of this tool. Now simply go to the download link and just click on the download button and install the tool on your device open the tool select the features which you want to use and open your game and get many enjoyable movements.